Sunday, September 28, 2008

Does your school use a homework site?

I am painfully aware that I have not posted to this blog in quite some time. It isn't because I've lost interest in educational technology. In fact, quite the opposite is true. I've been working on, focusing on, consumed by several programs of my own.

One of the programs involves an easier way to allow teachers to post homework and announcements to the school district's website.

As I move forward, I thought I would reach out to my limited readership with a few questions.

  1. Does your school district require teachers to post homework assignments online?
  2. If so, how is it done? Paid service, free service?
  3. What is the general response from teachers in schools where this is required?

I know I don't have a huge legion of readers to this blog (chances are you found your way here looking for Flash Jeopardy), but I am cautiously optimistic that a few people from around the country (world?) will take a moment to respond to this discussion.

Thanks to anyone who does!