Sunday, November 18, 2007

High Server resource consumption by your account!!

I was informed by my webhost Friday afternoon that my installation of Moodle (the open source CMS that I run my entire classroom website with) was

"consuming a very high percentage of the server resources (processors' time and memory usage), thus endangering the overall performance of all the sites on the server."

Not good.

This happened at 11:00 AM and promptly brought my website to a screeching halt. Naturally, I had a day's worth of activities planned which required my students to be using the website. As students attempted to log in to the class website, they were greeted with a full screen error 503 message.

Extremely Not Good.

This caused the site to be down for the entire day until I could find the time to sit down and disable all logging and stats features for the entire site.

Downright bad.

Definitely a warning about relying on technology too much. When my Moodle site ( is working, it works great and the students can do interesting and varied activities with it. When it ceases to work, I am left frustrated and often without a Plan B.

Something to keep in mind...

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