Monday, November 26, 2007

Virtual Tech Classroom Design Project....

I am taking some Educational Technology Master's Courses through Lesley University. One of the courses required us to design a Technology Assisted Classroom. Part of the assignment was to make a sketch of the layout of the room.

This couldn't have come at a better time! I've recently been playing around with Sketchup. This seemed like the perfect chance to flex my newly developed Sketchup muscle!

I designed the overall layout of the classroom on my own in Sketchup. I made the podium/desk myself with Sketchup as well. The laptops, desk chairs, and all of the equipment on the podium were downloaded from the Google 3d warehouse. When I was done, I used Sketchup's built-in animation export feature to create an avi movie that would pan around the various sections of the classroom. I then dropped that movie into Movie Maker to add background music, special effects, and transitions.

The rendered pictures of the classroom were created using a commercial Sketchup plugin called Turbosketch.

The finished product is shown below:

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