Sunday, December 2, 2007

Virtual Teachers?

Massey University in New Zealand has developed a Virtual Tutor named Eve, which they claim can adjust its teaching style based on the body language and facial expressions of the learner. The system is designed to be able to react accordingly if a student is upset, angry, or frustrated.

The goal of this system is to replicate the effectiveness of one-to-one teaching methods without actually requiring one human teacher per student.

I understand the theory behind this software, but I have difficulty believing that students will react the same way to getting positive feedback from a virtual avatar that they do when they receive a compliment from a living, breathing person.

I think this type of technology might be more useful for teaching older students and adults who are looking for a more personalized learning experience and might not require the emotional reassurance that only a human can provide.

Although this is definitely an interesting development, I am not too worried yet about being phased out by a virtual substitute.

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  1. I think there is nothing better than real teacher. Only real human can teach you with something - I don't believe in virtual


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