Saturday, December 1, 2007

Next up: Sketchup...

My next big classroom experiment will be to attempt to unleash Google's free 3d design software Sketchup on my 7th grade classes. We will be using Sketchup to design Roman style buildings to create a "Virtual Rome" in Google Earth.

The first few times I attempted to use Sketchup, I was slightly frustrated and was unable to create much beyond a 3 dimensional cube. After a few days time to cool off and read the first chapter of Sketchup for Dummies, I gave it another shot. The second try was much more productive (see this post). I am hoping that I can use my own experiences thus far to help my students dive into using the software and skipping the frustration step.

More on that as it develops.


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  2. By the way 3D Warehouse makes SketchUp users to search for, download and contribute free models.


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