Monday, March 10, 2008

Green Screen on a Budget...

I may have created the cheapest special effects green screen of all time. We are about to do a project in which my 8th grade students will create Presidential Campaign Commercials (of the "I approve this message" variety). I thought it might be very clever and cool to try to tape in front of a green screen and edit in custom backgrounds for the videos. I did a little online homework and found that Adobe Premiere Elements 2, which I already had from a couple years ago, can do chroma keying. The results ended up being quite impressive, considering the budget. I have posted a sample video at the bottom of this post. Here is a basic shopping list if you want to try to recreate this effect on your own:

  1. Two 3' x 9' pieces of green fabric from Walmart - $15.00
  2. One Digital Camera - $75 (more or less depending on specs)
  3. Adobe Premiere Elements 2 - $20 and up on eBay
  4. Stock Footage - Free on


  1. I am so very impressed with the information and resources you post on your blog! I am a Speech/Languge Pathologist and am thinking of all sorts of ways I can use this creative process with my students to assist with their communication goals! Keep up the great work!

  2. Frankly speaking you may buy camera accessories from amazon, ebay and various other sites.


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