Friday, February 29, 2008

Google Calendar + Text Messaging = No more surprise appointments!

I haven't come across any earth-shattering tools or software this week, so today's post will be a nice productivity tip recommendation.

And here it is:

Start using Google Calendar with Mobile Updates.

The Google Calendar itself is quite nice. There really isn't much to explain here that isn't common to any other successful online web calendar. You can quickly and easily add events. You can share your events with other people if you choose. Multiple users can edit one calendar. The real bonus for me is the fact that you can set your calendar to email you and/or send you a text message to remind you of upcoming events. It is very convenient.

I usually have my events set to email me 24 hours before the event and text me 1-3 hours before. This has done wonders for helping me always act like I didn't forget that meeting or that it was my week to bring in milk for the coffee club.

Like most of the Google family of products, it is free and plays nicely with your Gmail address, if you have one. (If not, what are you waiting for?)

Google Calendar

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  1. What an awesome site! I'm putting you in my blogroll! :-)
    I will certainly suggest this tool to our dept. secretary as she has to schedule all the IEP meetings, and they often CHANGE due to the nature of working with busy parents, and kids that sometimes get sick!


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