Sunday, February 3, 2008

Add another point for the Mac...

In another shocking development that threatens everything I once believed in, I had a second occurrence this weekend of something that I desperately needed to do, but could not get to work on my PC. And once again, it was my new Macbook to the rescue, solving the problem by simply working the way it is supposed to, something the PC just would not do.

The first example was a few days ago in my hotel room when I desperately needed to connect to the Internet to put some finishing touches on a presentation I was to give in less than 24 hours. The Mac was able to connect time and time again when the PC kept dropping the wireless connection.

That was just the beginning!

Yesterday was another crucial example of the PC letting me down. My wife and I were staying in a different hotel as she was taking a graduate course in the building. After her class, we tried to watch the 6th and final disc of Lost, Season 3. The disc refused to load on the PC. It played immediately on the Mac.

What is going on here? After years of avoiding Macs and calling them an inferior product, my trusty PC has been bested by a Mac twice in one week?! What else could go wrong? My whole belief system is beginning to shake...

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  1. Good thing you had your Mac! That 6th disc was amazing. I am seriously thinking about getting one. I also know Jack Sheppard has one.


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