Sunday, January 25, 2009

Moving Day and some new tools to share...

If you have been a fan of my Flash Jeopardy, Flash Millionaire, or Flash Boardgame programs, you may have noticed that they were residing on a server that was not particularly well named for the programs I had been posting on it. After a little research and a lot of soul-searching, I packed up the virtual moving van and transferred everything to a new, more appropriately named domain.

You can now find all of my Flash Review Games at

But wait, there's more...

I have some new additions to the site as well. I have created tools that will allow you to quickly and easily create printable seating charts, generate groups, and generate names from your class randomly.

After several requests, I have also updated the Jeopardy review game so that you can embed urls for images in the questions slides.

Even though the domain name has changed, everything on the site is just as free as it ever was. Consider it my donation to the universe.

As always, I welcome feedback and questions from my readers as they try out these new tools at the new site. I hope you find the new tools useful.

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  1. Just tried your random group maker and will share this with others. Worthy of a future Technology Pick of the Week!

    Thank you for your contribution to the universe.

    Tom Grissom


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