Thursday, January 10, 2008

I have gone Completely Mobile!

My lifelong dream of owning a true wireless Internet-connected device has finally come true. I have had many devices in the past that came close. I owned a Palm Pilot that would let you choose pages to download from your PC to read later when you were on the go. Nice feature, but doesn't do you much good when you want to download something on the go. The next attempt came when I sold the Palm Pilot an dupgraded to a Dell Axim handheld. The Dell had a CompactFlash drive that would accomodate a wireless card to allow you to connect to wireless networks. This was definitely a step up. It was perfect for checking email without being tethered to a desktop. However, the internet browser left much to be desired. The pages it loaded were always distorted with all of the links and images stacked vertically. Yet another disappointment.

My latest foray into the portable computer realm has been much more satisfying. The Nokia N800 (pictured above) is such a great unit! I picked it up from Amazon for about $200, which still seems like a steal, considering what this bad boy can do.

Here are the features that I have made the most use of so far:

  • Wireless internet- it found my home network and connected immediately with no issues.
  • Mozilla browser with Flash! - the built in browser works much like Firefox and I finally have a portable that can handle web pages with Flash animations. Also the pages look the way they were meant to look, without rearranging all page components to fit on the screen.
  • Built in webcam -- There is a little camera that pops out of the side. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to figure out how to have video chats, but it is cool for snapshots on the go.
  • Bluetooth - with the built in Bluetooth you can connect to other devices like phones or the slick portable keyboard I also found on Amazon.
More on this device as I get more time to experiment with it. But my first impressions are totally positive!

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