Friday, January 25, 2008

Sidestep content filters and download Youtube videos with Miro Media Player...

How many times have you found something great on Youtube that would be great to show in the classroom, knowing in your heart that they will never see the inside of your school due to restrictive filters?

In the past I have posted about sites such as that allow you to download Flash Video (flv) files directly from Youtube. While these sites are still nice to keep in your emergency repertoire, I have recently moved to a much more effective solution: the Open Source Media Player Miro.

This nifty little program allows you to search Youtube, Google Video, and several other popular video streaming sites. If you find a video you can use, you can download the flv file to your computer with a single click.

From there you can easily drop the flv onto a memory stick to bring to school to show your students.

Very nice!

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